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Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw's Blood on the Guitar:
A Rock and Roll Descent into Madness

Blood on the Guitar (2005): This is a psychological thriller film directed by Scott Shaw, starring himself alongside Hae Won Shin and Kenneth H. Kim. It follows Nick Cross, a former rockstar lured back into the music industry by his bandmate Christian. However, he finds his friends consumed by heroin and the woman he loved estranged from him.


The film follows Nick Cross, a former rockstar who left the music industry behind years ago. He's lured back by his old bandmate Christian, promising a comeback and a chance to relive their glory days. However, upon returning, Nick finds a bleak reality: his friends are mired in drug addiction, the music scene has changed, and the woman he loved is a distant memory. As he tries to navigate this harsh environment, Nick struggles with his internal demons, paranoia, and the meaning of life.


  • Dangers of nostalgia: The film explores the dark side of reminiscing about the past and clinging to lost dreams. Nick's desire for a comeback leads him down a destructive path, highlighting the dangers of romanticizing the past.

  • Addiction and its impact: The film depicts the devastating effects of heroin addiction on individuals and relationships. Nick witnesses the struggles of his friends and confronts his own vulnerabilities.

  • Mental health and identity: The film delves into themes of paranoia, delusions, and questioning one's own sanity.


The film received mixed reviews upon release. Some praised its visual style, music, and exploration of dark themes, while others criticized its plot, acting, and melodramatic aspects. Despite the mixed reception, the film developed a cult following among fans of independent cinema and those drawn to its dark and unsettling atmosphere.

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