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Count Vlogula Poster
Count Vlogula: A Modern Vampire's Zen Journey

Scott Shaw, known for his unconventional, "Zen filmmaking" style, ventures into the realm of the undead with, "Count Vlogula." This contemporary take on the vampire narrative promises a unique blend of classic horror and modern vlogging culture.

The film centers around a present-day vampire documented through the lens of their vlog. This perspective offers a fresh look at the classic bloodsucker trope, inviting viewers into the daily (or nightly) life of a modern vampire. We can expect a departure from the brooding castles and gothic atmosphere associated with traditional vampire tales. Instead, Count Vlogula promises to take us on a visual tour through scenic locations like Hollywood, San Francisco, and the Californian coast.

Following Shaw's signature Zen filmmaking approach, the movie prioritizes improvisation and capturing the essence of the moment over a tightly knit script. This can result in an unpredictable and dreamlike narrative, blurring the lines between reality and the vampire's subjective experience. While some might find this approach confusing, fans of Zen filmmaking appreciate the raw energy and unexpected turns it brings to the story.

Finding details and reviews about Count Vlogula might be challenging due to its potentially limited release. However, considering Shaw's previous work like
Angel Blade, we can expect a visually striking film that experiments with form and storytelling.

Count Vlogula intrigues with its unique concept and improvisational style. Whether it becomes a cult classic like Angel Blade or a hidden gem only discovered by dedicated fans, the film promises a captivating exploration of the vampire mythos through the lens of a modern vlog.