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Roller Blade Seven: The Unseen Scenes Explained

Roller Blade Seven: The Unseen Scenes is a 2012 documentary film offering a glimpse into the making of the cult classic Roller Blade Seven (1991) and its sequel, "Return of the Roller Blade Seven" (1992).

Here's a breakdown of what it explores:

Unused Footage:

  • The film delves into over 24 hours of unused footage shot for both movies. This includes deleted scenes, alternate takes, and behind-the-scenes moments.

  • We see extended fight sequences, character interactions that didn't make the final cut, and glimpses into Hawk's training and inner monologue.

  • These scenes provide deeper insights into the characters, story development, and the unique filmmaking style of Scott Shaw.

Zen Filmmaking:

  • Scott Shaw, the writer, producer, and star of the films, narrates the documentary, explaining his philosophy of Zen filmmaking.

  • This approach emphasizes spontaneity, improvisation, and a dreamlike atmosphere, evident in the repetitive sequences and minimal dialogue of the original films.

  • The unseen scenes offer further examples of this experimental style and its challenges during production.

Behind-the-Scenes Look:

  • The documentary features interviews with cast and crew members, including Scott Shaw and co-writer and director Donald G. Jackson.

  • They share anecdotes about the filming process, the camaraderie on set, and the challenges of working with an unconventional approach.

  • This adds a personal touch to the exploration of the unseen footage and provides context for the creative vision behind the films.


Roller Blade Seven: The Unseen Scenes is a fascinating watch for fans of the original films who want to delve deeper into their creation. It offers a unique perspective on the filmmaking process, showcasing the creative risks taken and the unseen elements that shaped the final product.

Additional Information:

  • The documentary was released in 2012, over 20 years after the original film.

  • It's not essential viewing to understand the core story of Roller Blade Seven, but it offers a valuable behind-the-scenes look for die-hard fans.

  • If you're interested in cult films, experimental filmmaking, or the Roller Blade Seven universe, this documentary is worth checking out.

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