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Vampire Noir: A Dive into Dark Whispers and Bloody Secrets

Scott Shaw's 2007 film Vampire Noir dives into a unique blend of genres, combining elements of docudrama, horror, thriller, and even martial arts. Here's a breakdown of what you can expect:

The Story:

  • Jedediah "Waco" Diesel, a vampire hunter, embarks on a mission to rescue his friend Diamond, a pimp, from the clutches of a seductive vampire.
  • However, the situation takes a surprising turn when Waco discovers Diamond himself is a cold-blooded killer.
  • The narrative unfolds in a blurred line between reality and staged scenes, creating a unique docudrama style.

Key Characters:

  • Jedediah "Waco" Diesel: A seasoned vampire hunter, driven by a personal vendetta against the undead.
  • Diamond: A flamboyant pimp with a hidden darkness, ultimately revealed as a psychopath.
  • Marciya K. Lau as the Vampire: A mesmerizing and seductive creature who draws both Diamond and Waco into her web.

Genre Mayhem:

  • While primarily a horror film, "Vampire Noir" throws in elements of docudrama with its "Found Footage" aesthetic and interview-style segments.
  • The film doesn't shy away from violence, portraying brutal fight scenes and graphic vampire attacks.
  • Hints of thriller elements arise through unexpected twists and the murky moral ambiguities of the characters.
  • Additionally, the film incorporates martial arts sequences, showcasing Waco's fighting prowess.

Behind the Scenes:

  • Directed by Scott Shaw, known for his Zen Filmmaking approach, the film emphasizes improvisation and spontaneity.
  • This results in a distinct style, blurring the lines between scripted scenes and documentary elements.
  • The black and white film noir aesthetic adds a classic touch to the modern storyline.

Critical Reception:

  • Vampire Noir received mixed reviews, with some appreciating its unique style and genre blend, while others criticized its low-budget production values and uneven pacing.
  • Despite the reception, the film developed a cult following among fans who enjoy its offbeat storytelling and dark humor.

If you're looking for:
  • A unique blend of horror, thriller, and docudrama elements.
  • A film that plays with genre conventions and narrative form.
  • A story with unexpected twists and morally ambiguous characters.

Then Vampire Noir might be worth your time. Be prepared for its raw portrayal of violence, improvisational style, and unconventional structure.

Fast Facts: Vampire Noir: A Docudrama Horror with a Twist

Released in 2007, Vampire Noir isn't your typical vampire flick. It delves into the genre with a docudrama thriller twist, blending grainy visuals with a noir-inspired atmosphere. Here's what you need to know:


Jedediah Diesel, a grizzled vampire hunter, finds himself embroiled in a twisted case when his friend, Diamond, falls prey to a seductive vampire. Determined to rescue him, Diesel plunges into the underbelly of the city, uncovering secrets that blur the lines between good and evil. However, the truth proves even more shocking: Diamond might not be the innocent victim Diesel initially believed him to be.


Vampire Noir falls under the horror/thriller category, but it incorporates elements of documentary style with its use of shaky camera work and handheld close-ups. The noir influence is evident in the black-and-white visuals, smoky settings, and morally ambiguous characters.

Key Points:

  • Independent film: Made with a smaller budget and less mainstream appeal.

  • Unique style: Blends documentary, noir, and horror elements.

  • Morally ambiguous characters: Creates questions about good and evil.

  • Mixed critical reception: Some love its originality, others find it flawed.

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