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Witch's Brew
Scott Shaw's Witch's Brew: A Kinda Zen Journey

Witch's Brew is a unique film experience classified as a, "Kinda Zen Film," by its creators, Scott Shaw and Donald G. Jackson. It blends elements of mystery, documentary, and experimental filmmaking, making it difficult to categorize neatly. Here's a breakdown:


Professor Andre' DuVena' (played by Scott Shaw himself) embarks on a quest into the remote Californian wilderness to find three college students who vanished while searching for a legendary witch. His investigation takes him through stunning landscapes and encounters with eccentric locals, but the film's focus isn't solely on solving the students' disappearance.


Beyond the surface mystery, Witch's Brew explores themes of self-discovery, spirituality, and the blurred lines between reality and perception. It's heavily influenced by Zen philosophy, emphasizing mindfulness, intuition, and questioning conventional thinking.


The film utilizes a raw, almost documentary-like aesthetic with handheld camerawork and improvisation. It incorporates dreamlike sequences, philosophical monologues, and even musical interludes, creating a disorienting yet introspective atmosphere.


Witch's Brew has garnered a cult following among fans of experimental cinema and those seeking an unconventional viewing experience. However, its unconventional style and philosophical nature might not appeal to everyone.

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